What are the best student jobs?

As commonly known, working part-time jobs while in studying in university is a perfect way of boosting ones’ CV, connect with new people and most importantly get some extra cash! But going into the competitive market of part-time jobs hunting can be very daunting, as most university students will be looking for ways of supplementing their income and even student loans. So why don’t you increase the chances of landing on some of the best student jobs available out there. The following article will assist you in informing you on some of the best student jobs.

What are the best student jobs?

Public relations (PR)

Working as a PR representative is a perfect choice if one is an enthusiastic, outgoing and social person. Lots of big brands are always looking forward to hiring college student ambassadors also known as ‚Student Brand-Manager’– to promote the brand’s products/services online. As a student, has got something so priceless to all major brands: access to the student market!

Brands will often ask you to make posts about them and what they offer on your social accounts like Instagram, Facebook and snapchat to interest your friends with their offers, or you’ll simply be asked to spread the word about the brand and in return get some commission for that.

Resident Assistant

A Resident Assistant at a college dorm is yet another way of earning while in college. An RA role basically will involve being a junior/assistant for the supervisor where you’re living in college. One will be the person students will come to whenever they’ve got an issue like an electrical fault, or they’ve found pests in their rooms or even when a fire erupts in the kitchen.

A Resident Assistant will simply act as a middleman between students and the student housing-companies and, saving them from being bombarded with endless emails of complaints daily.

To land on this job, you should contact your university accommodation provider to inquire if there are RA positions available.


Parents will always be willing to part a huge amount of money for their kids’ education and even side tutoring so as to help their kids get good grades, and if you think you can do some great tutoring in the various learning subjects, that cash may find its way into your pocket.

Working as a tutor especially in languages is an incredible way of boosting one’s CV, and it will open doors for one to even teach abroad during the summer. You’ll have to obtain top grades in order to do this and also be gifted with lots of patience, and self-confidence working with kids to be good at tutoring. The higher side of this job is when some parents will give a bonus whenever their kid achieves the grades they want!


If you’re an ambitious creative proficient, you can get a boost start on your future career and work as an online freelancer while in college. Upwork, Fiverr, Iwriter are huge marketplaces for all kinds of freelancing work. BlogMutt assists bloggers in gaining gigs in the professional world. Freelancing platforms are a space where one can advertise their skills and even get hired by professionals.

Boutique Sales Associate

Boutique jobs are seamless for all those who love fashion and are in college. Some vacancies may need sales experience, but most will just be looking for the perfect personality (outgoing, friendly and stylish).

Expect to do this kind of jobs in the afternoons and also weekends. You’ll also save money on your clothing and even accessories, as many boutiques offer their employee discounts.


This job is perfect also for college students as it will require little or no experience at all, it also offers malleable hours (depends on the location), and is mostly always available for most college towns. Don’t be misled by its title: you are likely to also do other small duties like food prep.