Reddit the most popular Social Bookmarking Site, where millions of reader are searching for a great and unique content. Reddit helps to shape the news, create celebrities, change the world in a significant way.

Its Sounds amazing that to get your link/post at the Front page in 1hour. If you follow this simple steps.
So its no surprise that submit link to Reddit. it is also quite difficult to bring your link at top of the Reddit front Page. I am not giving you guarantee that you will be at top of Reddit front page. But i can say that this Tips will surely Help you get to top.

How to get your link on Front Page of Reddit

How Reddit actually Work ?

It work like this>> Users Submit the link to different different communities know as Subreddit. There are many subreddits for everything like musics, videos, photos, funny, news, technology and Today i learned etc.If you cant find a subreddit for your topic then you can create your own.

As you submit the link the other users would like to up-vote or down-vote depend on your content even users can comment on your link.
The post you have submitted will rise or fall according to your up-votes or down-votes.As link is submitted by any person, He/ She get awarded with "KARMA" which means the scores for all the post he/she submitted.

Note :- The KARMA has no value even if you get much amount of KARMA then also its not sure you will get at top.

Comments can also be up-voted or Down-voted which increase or decrease the level of KARMA.

If you want to get to the Top of Reddit front page then try to gain 1st 10 up-votes as quickly as possible, without many down-votes.Because the 1st 10 votes have same weight as next 100 likes, similarly 100 up-votes have same weight as of next 1000 votes. and even newer post rises quickly as compared to older one with the same attentions.

It means the chance to bring your link to front page is directly proportional to How quickly you get up-votes in less time.
It has been found that for many people reading and writing comments is most enjoyable thing on reddit.
i would also suggest you to read and write comments to master the game and understanding reddit.

Navigating the Front Page

Post with the large amount of up-votes from all the subreddit would be featured at the front page of Reddit. But it not necessary that all  redditors will receive or see your post at front page because each redditors can customize his/her subscribe to subredditors.To see the top post on Reddit you must visit

Subreddits Correctness

It is most important that you choose your Subreddit right like if you have a funny pic then you will face doubt where to post in /r/funny or /r/pics but answering this question will be key to your success.

If you post your link to wrong some subreddit then there will be chance that you will get down-votes causing decrease in rank at Reddit. Success on Reddit will be only achieve by the process of trials and errors mostly in my time its was errors only.

Winning Headline

Most Important part to get in front page of Reddit is to have a Winning Headline.Being Funny and Clever will help you to get to the Top.
I have an Example in which there a person posted the Headline as "Great Pic of Apple store on 14th street". It was posted on /r/ny which implies that it would be Apple Inc. but there was a pic of Apple mildly clever and even he has got 1000+ up-votes.

Type Of Contents

Most Important even if you have got a correct subreddit and a catchy headline. It is Important to have a quality content.And its quality depends on which Reddit you have submitted to.
  • Old Content will likely to get down-voted as it is post earlier only. So find something new.
  • The Content should be original you have made.
  • Funny is always good.
  • Post Non controversial topics.
  • Write with Light hearted and cleverly, and don't try to be mean


Reddit is a Worldwide community, but the users are mostly from US. So if you sumit in day time then there will be more people to up-vote and down-vote.

Try Try Again

Important thing to remember is that the 1st 10 up-votes make an huge difference so, if 

you didn't get votes than delete it and try sometimes afterwards.

In other words, become a redditor. Explore the site. Learn its ways. Figure out which jokes 

work and which don’t. Then try your best – there is no consequence to failure (other than 

feeling a bit bummed). In the six years that I've actively been on Reddit, only a handful of my 

submissions have  made it to the front page. Most wallow in the 0-100 up-votes category. So 

expect to fail, and try, try again.